“Lawyer in $315 million lottery lawsuits ordered to pay fine”

A price tag on not screening for merit: “A lawyer representing three people who sued their co-workers seeking a share of their $315 million lottery win was ordered Tuesday to pay a nearly $382,000 fine. Orange County [California] Judge Michael Brenner ordered attorney Mark H. Williams to pay the seven lottery winners after determining he pursued the lawsuits knowing the allegations lacked merit. The amount was the equivalent to legal fees incurred by the ‘Lucky Seven,’ who pooled money to buy the winning Mega Millions multistate lottery ticket, said defense attorney Larry S. Zeman.” Williams, of Long Beach, Calif., represented “three co-workers who claimed they deserved a share of the jackpot because of an oral agreement that everyone would be included whenever they pooled their money to buy tickets”. (AP/Contra Costa Times, Mar. 20).

One Comment

  • I was going to ask whether it’s really a fine or an award of attorneys’ fees.

    Then I realized — it’s a fine attorneys’ fee!

    Then I realized, Walter, you don’t consider there to be such a thing! 😉