Lingering on

David Nieporent has completed the customary week in the guest-blogger’s chair but we’ve invited him to stay on and do some more posting, and he’s generously agreed to give it a try. Congratulate us/him…


  • Congratulations all around. Enjoyed his posts.

  • I have been waiting for the ‘good-bye’ post to say that I really liked his articles, plentiful, researched, and written with just enough wry humor that I’m usually not thinking the solution is to off everyone involved. Can we keep him? Please?

  • He doesn’t each much but do remember to walk him regularly.

  • Sound decision. Mr. Nieporent did yeoman’s work in his first week. Let him face the loyal readers for another!

  • Help! I’m being held prisoner in an Overlawyered Blogging Sweatshop!

  • Thanks for hanging around, David!

    Walter and Ted already called dibs on the sofa, so help yourself to the Barcalounger over there.

    I’m not going to get sued for saying Barcalounger, am I?