March 8 roundup

  • Why the tort reform movement is really a civil justice reform movement. [Point of Law; University of Dayton Law Review]
  • What to do about private securities class actions. [Wallison @ AEI]
  • Law firm sued when witness trips, dies, in courtroom accident. [Lattman]
  • Nifong responds to criticism of his handling of Duke Lacrosse case; KC Johnson not impressed.

  • Big corporations have bogus consumer fraud lawsuits, too: NutraSweet maker sues Splenda maker over “Made from sugar so it tastes like sugar.” [Legal Intelligencer]
  • The effect of a malpractice suit on a physician. [Levy via Kevin MD]
  • “Are our institutions or is our sense of justice stronger because of [the Libby] prosecution?” [Fred Thompson; WaPo oped; also many posts by Frum]


  • Regarding Nutrasweet v. Splenda:

    Though the suit is clearly frivolous, I’ve always wondered exactly what Splenda (a/k/a “sucralose”) is. This article was informative, even if I don’t understand the chemistry.

  • Thanks for linking to this story on my blog. Please check the one above it “Saying you are sorry”), for another take on the malpractice issue.

  • Those bastard Trial attorneys….. Stringing trip wires for their own witnesses!

    Hey is John E here? john, John E. please report to the accounts payable desk before departing the courtroom!

    John we know where you live John, now step up and pay these poo folk before you leave the building.



    Bailiffs there is an APB on John E. Locate and return him to accounts payable ASAP!

  • Can anybody explain the Fred Thompson Article?

    President Bush said that the British believed that Iraq was buying Yellowcake from Niger. He did not tell us that our CIA investigated the claims and found them wanting. That is the issue, not poor scooter.

    We know now that everything that Secretary Powell said to the United Nations in Feb. 2003 was wrong. That claptrap came from the office of the vice president. It is so sad that so many died and were injured because scooter and his gang do not understand evidence.