No more overbearing bosses — by law?

A group called the Workplace Bullying Institute says it’s preparing federal legislation that would ban the rather amorphously defined phenomenon of bullying at work. A possible obstacle: Capitol Hill itself is notorious as the stomping (and ranting and paperweight-throwing) grounds of some of the nation’s most vein-poppingly abusive bosses, such as Sen. — well, you’ll just have to follow the link if you want names (Helena Andrews, “Demanding or Downright Mean?”, The Politico, Mar. 1). For an earlier go-round, see Dec. 22, 2004.


  • Wow, just what we need, a new cause and a new set of victims. One of the links is to bullying studies.

    Did you know that “Workplace Bullying is more similar to the Holocaust and Domestic Violence than to schoolyard, childhood bullying.” The Holocaust? I better check the ovens in the cafeteria at work to see if they are being used for other purposes. Do they not realize that they are trivializing the Holocaust when they equate workplace bullying to it? Do they care? Of course not. They have found a cause they can champion. They are the defenders of the bullied workers. Yes, we need more federal legislation. Think of all of the new lawsuits that can be filed once anti-bullying legislation is passed.

  • How about threats of physical harm in the workplace. This text is from an e-mail from an e-discovery ‘expert’ (and equity partner), directed to two employees.


    It has recently come to my attention that one or both of you have gone through my desk in the search of various forms. First, don’t ever do that again. Ask me if you need something. Would you like it if someone was rifling through the drawers of your desk? Second, if I ever personally catch you doing such a thing I will cut your balls off. Thanks in advance for your anticipated cooperation.