Suit: biometric scanners are religious discrimination

Don’t load up on stocks in that newfangled biometric scanner technology just yet. A federal complaint alleges that workers have a religious right not to sign in using handprints; Matthew Heller has the details and the complaint. Canada has required reasonable accommodation of such beliefs, while New Zealand rejects it. American law simply requires beliefs be “sincerely held.”


  • What does having your hand scanned have to do with “the mark of the beast.”

    OTOH, twice in my life I have noticed that a fellow employee had been assigned the employee number “666”. Both of them had a lot of fun with it. (Maybe electronic techs just tend to be beastly. 😎

  • Quick thought: Since the “mark” being read by these scanners was created at birth, how can it be the mark of the beast?

    Also, what if an employee doesn’t have a right hand? Or even a left hand? Surely we can’t allow discrimination against amputees.

    I think this suit is very hokey, but I agree employers need to have another timekeeping method for employees who can’t/won’t use their hands.

  • As this ,biometric scanners, is not intrusive I would suggest that these folks should find other employment. Hand scans equate with the mark of the “beast”, get a grip.