Update: Some people got it and make it pay…

…which may not necessarily mean that some people can’t even give it away:

A federal judge ruled Friday that a former escort service owner cannot sell phone records and other documents that could be used to publicly identify thousands of her clients…. [Deborah Jeane] Palfrey’s civil attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, said Friday he does not believe the judge’s order bars him from distributing copies of the phone records for free. In any event, Sibley said it’s a moot point because he has already given copies of the records to an undisclosed news organization.

(“Judge Blocks Former D.C. Madame From Selling Client List”, AP/FoxNews.com, Mar. 16; SF Chronicle; WTOP). Background: Mar. 13.


  • so they asked for ID before they had sex? I doubt it. Anything they say should open up a libel suit unless you lawyers have already found away around that since I left.

  • I understand it was SOP for madams to spice up their trick books with the names of local bigwigs as a form of protection.