April 24 roundup


  • Why is Beaumont such a hot bed for trial lawyers?

    Is it local laws? The jury pool? What is the deal?

    My wife and I were trying to figure that out a couple of weeks ago as
    I have to travel there every now and then to play shows with my band.

    Funny note: when she graduated from law school a couple of her friends/classmates moved straight from Austin to Beaumont. Before they realized they really didn’t want to be lawyers, and really really didn’t want to live in Beaumont, of course.

    BTW: I have finally decided (this month) that I will not be taking the LSAT. I will remain an Engineer.

  • That’s an amazing article from the Village Voice. What a … well, I don’t want him to sue me, so I’ll just say: What an interesting guy!

  • I live in the beaumont area, and I’ve met Mr Coon several times. Nice guy, but clearly one of those who exist only to game the system and make money. This area consistently shows up in the “judicial hellhole” lists. It’s the JURY POOL, Steve. That, along with the fact that the judges are in the pockets of the local bar and its members, who provide “campaign contributions.” Vicious cycle. And there’s really no hope, here. It sucks.

    Mr Reaud (responsible for a billion-dollar settlement with Toshiba in this venue) is quoted in the last story.:

    “Reaud said he might just start yet another newspaper.

    ‘I’ll go to plaintiffs’ lawyers all over America and we’ll run story after story about defendants who’ve lied, manufacturers who’ve covered up,’ Reaud said. ‘And we’ll have a pretty girl in hot pants hand ours out.’ ”

    Sucks to be in business or medicine here. Really.