Committee votes to disbar Nifong

The Duke lacrosse prosecutor acted as a “minister of injustice”, said State Bar prosecutor Douglas Brocker. The disciplinary committee wound up agreeing unanimously on nearly every element of the ethics charges against Nifong, who’s agreed to quit as Durham prosecutor. (Aaron Beard, “N.C. Panel Disbars Duke Prosecutor”, AP/Chattanooga Times Free Press, Jun. 16; “Nifong stripped of law license”, Sports Network, Jun. 17). We’ve covered the case extensively from early on; K.C. Johnson at Durham in Wonderland, who’s led the blog charge on the issue, notes that the New York Times’s Duff Wilson is still slanting his coverage of the case (Jun. 16).


  • Could the “withheld” evidence be used in a trial? One may not use a woman’s sexual history against her.

    The behavior of Mr. Nifong was not unique. should compare the Duke case to the “Little Rascals” case, also in North Carolina. The “Little Rascals” case was insane as a matter of fact, and innocent people were imprisoned for decades. The young, recently-married cook lost contact with her baby and her liberty to a overzealous prosecutor. That guy walked away from his crime with a win on his record!

  • Update:
    Fong says he will quit on July 13th!

    Update: Judge Hudson says he won’t do anything as the Fong would be gone by the time the paperwork is completed.

    Update to update: Easly, as in Da Gov of NC, musta called up Hudson, cuz da judge is gonna fire The Fong in the morning!

    Oh yeah and appoint a special prosecutor to seek criminal charges against the Fong as well!

    Comment stolen:
    “My favorite comment in a truly extraordinary day comes from John Hood of the Raleigh-based John Locke Foundation. He is quoted in the H-S saying that “what this case makes North Carolina look like is a Louisiana political system with a Mississippi economy.” Ouch!”