Perhaps one reason trial lawyers so frequently accuse reformers of manufacturing popular outrage is because such astroturfing is a common trial-lawyer tactic: Peter Lattman uncovers eight identical letters to the editor written at the behest of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (now going by the AAJ misnomer), all on behalf of Bill Lerach’s bogus Enron suit and criticizing the Bush administration officials who dare to stand up to the attempted extortion. Similar astroturfing regularly goes on in the comments section of the Lattman blog.


  • “Astroturfing”! I hadn’t heard the word before, Ted, but whoever invented it, it’s a clever neologism, and I applaud your command of the vernacular.

    While I’m here, there’s another strange term I’ve heard. Maybe you could shed some light on it. What is a “CALA“?

  • Astroturf is a derogatory name given to fake “grass roots” efforts.

    It has been employed by a wide range of actors.