Roy Pearson trial update

Roy Pearson’s $55 million pants lawsuit has begun; the Washington Post’s Emil Steiner is liveblogging the trial. There is a series of about ten posts so far, starting with this 10:02 AM entry.

In case you were holding your breath waiting to find out: the case doesn’t sound as if it has gotten any less frivolous. (Apparently Pearson has found a few dry cleaning customers who were also dissastisfied with their service. Well, I’m sold. He also somehow managed to invoke Godwin’s Law.)


  • Hard nosed questioning by the plaintiff’s attorney brought the plaintiff to tears.

  • 1. Plaintiff is a moron, has an emotional disorder, or both.

    2. I shudder at the thought that he is licensed to practice law, let alone once sat as an admin law judge. He sounds completely clueless. How relevant is the fact that they’ve had other complaints? In a collision, do you try every other accident someone’s been in? Who cares about his past divorce, finances, or anything else? This case is about whether they lost a suit of pants and how much they’re worth. Plaintiff’s case should have taken about ten minutes. They lost them, and here’s my receipt for the purchase.

    3. I have no idea why the judge didn’t make this clear… as in the first time the guy starts telling his life story, or at the fifteen minute mark.

  • This is an embarassment and a travesty of justice, BUT it is Washington, D.C. after all. These are the kinds of idiots appointed or elected to office in this city. No wonder it’s been so screwed up and now people can see a perfect example. This yutz is just a vindictive, money-grubbing hack! And he’s a judge in the court system?!?

  • Having lived in the DC area for 30 years I can’t help but wonder if this ‘lawsuit’ about pants is not a racist attack on the asians that own the store. I became aware of the racial animosity of some African Americans against in particular Koreans. I only surmised it was because they were buying up small businesses like dry cleaners, liquor stores, etc. and making them very successful….. it was shocking to be honest to see this attitude.

  • Why did a judge allow this case to go to trial?

  • What ever happened to the legal principle, “What would a reasonable person do?” In taking a Law 101 class in college, I’ll always remember the professor beating it in to my head one of the basic principles of our legal system is the test of the “reasonable person.”
    The plaintiff in this case is clearly not reasonable, and the judge should have done a Judge Wapner on him and said, “get out of here, don’t bring this kind of c-r-_-p to my courtroom” and dismissed it as frivolous. That’s what a JUDGE is paid to do–JUDGE.

  • The plaintiff is an IDIOT! It’s costing D.C. taxpayers’ money for this trial. He needs to get a real life and move on!!

  • If you have a complaint about this lawyer, you should contact the D.C. Bar. I did with an email and I got a response. Here are the two email addresses I used:

    I got a response from email address:

    The email address belongs to the following person:

    Monica D. Potter
    Case Manager
    Office of Bar Counsel

    Here is the anwer I got:

    June 13, 2007

    We are in receipt of your e-mail concerning the conduct of the Honorable Roy L. Pearson. Please be advised that this matter has previously been brought to our attention. While we appreciate your reporting this matter, our Rules of confidentiality do not permit us to acknowledge or discuss the existence of any particular matter.

    We thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.



    Monica D. Potter
    Case Manager
    Office of Bar Counsel
    515 5th Street, NW
    Building A, Room 117
    Washington, DC 20001
    (202) 638-1501
    (202) 638-0862 — Fax

  • The WaPo also has coverage by Marc Fisher, in which it’s mentioned that “Judge” Pearson was unemployed for “several years” before landing the judge job.

    Really? How does one go from being unemployed for a few years to being a JUDGE? I realize “administrative” judges aren’t at quite the level of others, but c’mon.

    I also laughed at the Nazi comparison. I hadn’t heard of Godwin’s Law, but it’s a good one. A corollary rule might be that when one begins to lose the argument, whipping out “Hitler” on your opponent is an expected move.

  • My Gawd! And we wonder why the judicial system is a joke. I hope and pray this nut-for-brains loses his ass and is ordered to reimburse these poor “legal immigrants” I presume, and business owners every friggin’ dollar they’ve been out, and then more on top of that, then disbar the SOB!

  • This man should be ASHAMED at what he is doing. This type of frivolous lawsuit is why our judicial system is so messed up and we have to pay MORE to lawyers than received on a lawsuit. He needs a swift kick in the behind!

  • Lynn–or at least a swift kick in the pants.

  • It is good that the trial judge let Pearson put on his entire farcical case, and in particular that all of his bizarre testimony came into the record. First, letting him put on all of the witnesses and testimony that he wants eliminates one possible ground for appeal. Second, and more important, the DC government is holding off on the question of whether to reappoint him until after the trial. Making a record of how insane his view of the law is will be important to that process.