July 8 roundup

  • RIP, Ladies Nights in Denver [Denver Westword; earlier Feb. 12; earlier i in California: Jun. 7, Aug. 19, Aug. 2003; and New Jersey, Jun. 2004]

  • “A cop sues McDonalds because of the slimy stuff a couple of teens put in his sandwich. His biggest problem may be that he didn’t even take a bite” [Turkewitz]
  • Montana Supreme Court: hunter can’t blame state for being attacked by bear [On Point]
  • Don’t: provide your criminal client with means to escape [Fulton County Daily Report]; alter documents responsive to discovery requests [The Recorder]; hide evidence in multi-billion dollar insurance litigation [NY Sun via Lattman]; or videotape your fellow lawyers changing clothes [ATL].

  • Reason #473 why I live in Virginia instead of DC: DC police catch two in middle of attempted burglary, just after being released from prison, decide to let them go because they can’t figure out what to charge them with. Good thing residents aren’t allowed to own guns to defend themselves, right? [PTN]


  • Bars in Iowa get around the ridiculous ban against “Ladies Night” by having “Skirt Night.” Anyone wearing a skirt gets the drink special. Which means I never get the specials anymore, because I hate skirts…

  • Have the Scots heard of “Skirt Night”?