The indefatigable Judge Roy Pearson

…has requested reconsideration of the decision against him, and has filed a delusional brief in support. Rest assured his damages claims are more reasonable than before: he is now seeking only $35 million in damages.

The Chamber of Commerce fundraiser for the Chungs’ defense fund to pay $83,000 in attorneys’ fees defending against this suit is July 24.


  • I thought the purpose of letting this farce play out was to eliminate his grounds for appeal.

    What went wrong?

  • Since the ineluctable conclusion about all this is that Roy Pearson is suffering from a serious mental illness, isn’t it possible for someone to commence proceedings to have him involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility? I’m not kidding. Is there any way he could be pursuing this thing and not be so out of touch with reality as to compel a diagnosis of severe mental illness?

  • This is not surprising. Most folks who lose at trial will at least file a motion for new trial.

    And it’s especially easy for Pearson to keep up this charade because he is representing himself. He doesn’t have to worry about paying anyone for the inevitable appeal.

  • The saying is true here: Those lawyers who represent themselves at trial have a fool for a client.