August 10 roundup


  • So this potential congresswoman feels the need to sue – she is a public figure so she has to show malice, the defendant likely has a privilege defense, and even if she can prove her case, she has to prove that she was actually harmed – how can she really prove she would have won? As for punitive damages, what judge wants to send the message that calling 911 to report domestic abuse risks severe liability? This lawsuit seems like a personal vendetta all around.

    I guess it is a good thing that this person did not become a congressional leader of this country.

  • “Many politicians accused of corruption and misdeeds also are lawyers, reinforcing the negative impressions about the profession, he said.

    “You see President Clinton, and senators, and congressmen getting the headlines and, depending on which party you’re from, you might say, ‘Hey, he’s a lawyer, too.’ “”

    Whoed a thunk it! Lawyers have a negative reputation?

    “Lawyers ranked second-lowest in the study, just above the media, which garnered a vote of confidence from only 16 percent of those surveyed.”

    Amazing! And to think that congress, made up of almost 400 more lawyers, has all of a 14% approval rating as well!

    Domestic violence. Most women actually think this law was only to be used against MEN! They are stunned, STUNNED I tell ya! to actually think it was actually aimed at either gender!

    Come on now ladies, you helped draft and pass these laws.