California ADA lawsuit mills: “Wheelchairs of fortune”

Serial ADA litigant (and Overlawyered repeat offender) Thomas Frankovich was profiled recently in SF Weekly. Overlawyered readers will be familiar with just about everything in there, from Frankovich’s extortionate tactics to his collaboration with professional plaintiffs like Jarek Molski, to his use of front groups in an attempt to make his litigiousness seem like a public service. (Frankovich, incidentally, does not work in a wheelchair accessible office.)

Matthew Hirsch of LegalPad reports that Frankovich is attempting to rehabilitate his image before the Ninth Circuit rules on whether he, and his fellow traveler Molski, are vexatious litigants:

Starting this month, Frankovich and a major client are offering defendants a deal: “You make your [entrance] doorway accessible, and we will waive any and all claims — including money damages,” he said.

Yes, but Frankovich is a lawyer, so be sure to read the fine print:

Frankovich said his clients who are affiliated with DREES will offer the front door deal if they are visiting only to check out the entrance. But if they spot a door that wheelchair users can’t open, then they go inside to shop and notice more problems, “that becomes something different,” Frankovich said, and the deal is off.

One Comment

  • The tactics of another California attorney have just come to a head over at the Court of Federal Claims.

    The plaintiffs’ attorney repeatedly has filed in the court on multiple bases, none of which the court had jurisdiction over. The court has finally had enough, referring five of the attorney’s cases to the Chief Judge for possible disciplinary action.

    Two of the cases involved ex-military plaintiffs, dismissed just last week. I report on it HERE.

    H Lime