Wildly off-topic: Michael Moore’s “Sicko” box office

Were you skeptical to keep seeing Sicko described as the “fourth-highest grossing documentary of all time”? I sure was, and looked into it for The American. I guess “twenty-second-highest grossing” doesn’t quite have the same persuasive ring.


  • Not sure where you got that some of those are documentaries. I don’t consider Jackass and Eddie Murphy stand comedy as “documentaries”. True the 4th number is just cherry picking from wherever (boxofficemojo has it at 4), but it is certainly higher than 22nd, no that it really matters. I haven’t seen Sicko and don’t want to- more junk from Michael Moore.

  • BoxOfficeMojo calls Eddie Murphy Raw and the Jackass movies documentaries, but just excludes them from their count. A Village Voice critic called Jackass the best documentary of the year, and it technically fits the definition of a documentary; it’s just not a highbrow documentary. Andrew Sullivan covered the same point in 2004.

  • Re the first comment, only three of the classifications are at all questionable.

    It’s mildly interesting that three iconic leftie documentries [Inconvenient Truth, Sicko and Bowling for Columbine] all came in closely spaced at approximately $21-22M.

    Could there be a fixed number of True Believers, $21M worth, but a movie like this has to break out into the general population [as Farenheit 9/11 did] to do better than that?