By reader acclaim: “Nebraska state senator sues God”

Sen. Ernie Chambers does not deny the silliness of his complaint against Jehovah over natural disasters and the like, but says it’s meant to make a serious point. You might think that the point would have to be how little sense it makes to give anyone the power to sue anyone over anything, but it turns out that Sen. Chambers actually opposes proposals in Nebraska to restrict the filing of meritless lawsuits, and thinks, with perhaps elusive logic, that his stunt somehow will make people agree with him on that. (KPTM with filing in PDF format, KETV,, AP/, Volokh). The best picture to run with the story is definitely the Apr. 12, 2006 file photo at MyWay/AP News. Update Oct. 15, 2008: judge throws out suit.


  • Wasn’t there a law suit against the Catholic church on the grounds that the pope was God’s direct representative on earth and therefore responsible for any “acts of God”?

    I seem to remember something about that. Time to google, I guess.

  • Alas, that 4/12 photo is just a photographer’s clever juxtaposition of a fan rather than a lunatic’s garb.

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