“Inappropriate and unethical behavior”

Litigious populist Larry Klayman, once a legal scourge of the Clinton White House and a repeat mentionee on this site (May 7 and links from there), has once again drawn rebuke from the bench. This time Judge Walter Tolub has denied Klayman the right to appear in his Manhattan courtroom, saying Klayman’s “record demonstrates more than an occasional lapse of judgment, it evinces a total disregard for the judicial process”:

The judge cited seven instances in which Klayman had been rebuked or sanctioned by federal judges. One of those was Southern District of New York Judge Denny Chin, who in 1997 sanctioned Klayman for making “preposterous” claims and engaging in “abusive and obnoxious” behavior.

Klayman, who vows to appeal the ruling, is seeking the right to represent former New York Post gossip reporter Jared Paul Stern in a lawsuit against billionaire Ronald Burkle. (Anthony Lin, “Klayman Denied N.Y. Admission in Former Gossip Reporter’s Suit Against Billionaire”, New York Law Journal, Sept. 7).


  • With so many official complaints from judges, sanctions, and increased supervision by the Disciplinary Counsel (licensing authority) is overdue.

    This long list shows lawyer discipline does not protect the public.

  • I don’t know Mr. Klayman’s history well, though I do know he’s nominally on the right. This has a whiff of political bias. The case here isn’t political that I know of, but alarm bells would go off for me if it were.