Latest Pearson Pants update

A press release from their lawyers, Manning & Sossamon, announces that the Chung family of Washington, D.C is closing Custom Cleaners, their dry cleaning establishment. They continue to operate a separate location under the name of Happy Cleaners and last year closed one known as Parks FabriCare. According to the release, the family decided to close Custom Cleaners “due to the revenue losses and emotional toll resulting from the Pearson v. Chung lawsuit”. More: Marc Fisher @ WaPo, WSJ law blog, Betsy Newmark, Joe Gandelman, Mark Steyn.

One Comment

  • That’s certainly strange. If anything, I would think the free publicity from the lawsuit would have greatly increased business. Don’t know if it’s enough money to cover their legal bills, but they will have the same legal bills regardless of closing or not.