Broken Heart? Sue!

Thanks to Walter Olson for welcoming me back after a short hiatus from my last guest blogging stint. I often see stories worth sharing, this one in particular [excerpt below, full story here.]

A group of well-heeled women who paid up to $1,500 to snag a man through one of the nation’s priciest and fast-growing online dating services — It’s Just Lunch — has filed a civil lawsuit in Manhattan federal court, claiming the lunchtime setups were not what they bargained for.

This reminds me of this hilarious YouTube clip which is strikingly on point in this instance. Overlawyered indeed. And, $1,500 for a date? That’s about as out-of-touch as $27K for wedding flowers (with accompanying lawsuit.) Well, these “well-heeled” women expected George Clooney but (apparently) got Gilbert Gottfried instead. Maybe, simply, their hopes were just too high. Especially if they were prepared to fork over $1,500 for a date. Caveat emptor, I’m afraid.


  • That a service is overpriced does not, of course, exempt it from legal consequences should its customers be deceived by material misrepresentations. It’s not immediately clear to me, however, why the use of selling scripts or franchise sales quotas would establish liability. And I can’t say it shocks my conscience that someone with a lawnmowing business (which can pay quite well in some parts of the country) might present himself to dates as a “landscaping executive”.

  • You got this correct !!

  • I guess I’d be pissed if I paid that much money to a dating service that was supposed to help me meet single professional guys with similar interests and I ended up on dates with married men looking to cheat. But then again, I’m not sure how a dating service is supposed to keep people from lying about themselves.