Deep pockets file: Kristin Rossum murder case

You may recall the case of De Villers v. County of San Diego (Mar. 2006; Jul. 2006). Kristin Rossum was found guilty of poisoning husband Gregory de Villers and trying to make his death look like a suicide; his family sued both Rossum and her employer, the county of San Diego, and a jury found that Rossum was only 75% responsible, but that still put taxpayers on the hook for $1.5 million. An appellate court has stepped in to belatedly throw out the case against the County. (via On Point)

One Comment

  • Will the county sue the judge or Gomez law firm to recover their costs of defending, and appealing, such an absurd case?? If they do, maybe the next idiot will think twice before filing or allowing such an absurd case!!