Here come the Crocs suits

The comfortable footwear can apparently lead to “shoe entrapment” accidents at the tops and bottoms of escalators, attracting lawyers’ interest. (Southern California Injury Law Blog, Oct. 1)(via Turkewitz). More: Earlier escalator suits on Overlawyered (h/t Ted) include February 2005, first and second posts.


  • I have to give them credit for their clever indirect-marketing. It casts a shadow of altruism but alas, it’s only a mirage.

  • My son had this happen to him.

    Do I sue the escalator co. or the shoe maker? Or both? Neither? Perhaps warning labels on the shoes are in order? Or, how about on the escalators? Perhaps the shoes should come with an instructions manual (in several languages) with bold warning messages designed to prevent any accidents (“WARNING: Do not wear these shoes!”)

    A better answer may be to legislate all footwear to be steel-toed. You now, for safety.

  • Has anyone sued shoelace manufacturers for escalator accidents?

  • Has anyone sued shoelace manufacturers for escalator accidents?

    Probably, given someone sued because they didn’t tie their own shoes. (8th item down)

  • Earlier escalator suits on Overlawyered: February 2005, I, II.

  • What about suing rope mfrs. for negligence when someone “accidentally” hangs them self?

  • My daughter gave me a pair of crocs, and sometimes when I’m wearing them I trip over a stone. Can I sue her?

  • can i sue them for being so god awful?