Legal Tidbits for Thought

Don’t make his art the butt of your jokes

Spotted by Lowering the Bar and story here and if you dare, here’s the link. AP story excerpt:

A high school art teacher fired after officials learned he moonlighted by creating paintings using his bare buttocks and other body parts sued his former employers on Thursday.

Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board finds politician aide’s media criticism of him did not constitute “abnormal working conditions” and upheld a decision denying him benefits

The Court’s decision is here. The decision was purely on the merits of the compensability of the workers’ compensation claim, so there is no mention if he sued for libel.

Soldier dies after entering operating hotel air conditioning unit; family wants $10M

The story is not entirely clear on if the unit in which he was found was marked with a warning sign or not, although it suggests that it was. The suit claims the hotel was negligent (what a shock) for failing to post appropriate signs and lock doors. You’d think the whirring blades would give a clue it’s not the brightest place to be. Oh, his blood alcohol level may have been a factor (see the story.)


  • “The defendants had a duty to maintain a safe area in its hotel, and to place appropriate warning signs and maintain locks on doors that led to its electric and air conditioning units,” the lawsuit read.
    Funny, when you read that the body wasn’t found for 2 days, in part because warning signs about the danger of entering that space kept searchers away…

  • Curious that the story focuses upon his being a soldier. While that might have been his day job, I doubt that he was ‘on duty’ as he was getting drunk, nor was he properly following orders to secure the hotel HVAC system from alQuaida terrorists.

    This story associating him with the military merely disgraces him further.

  • It really sucks to get drunk in Publick!

    Escaping is even rougher!

    The hotel must have been totally at fault for even having an A/C system!