More Tidbits

Jackpot justice of another kind

A man on the nickel slot machines wins over $1M despite the maximum payout of $2,500. The casino blames computer error. The story shows a picture of the stoic gambler in front of the cordoned-off slot machine.

Etiquette expert pranked in ‘Borat’ sues

Yes, another ‘Borat’ suit, here. As the story points out, why wait so long? Come on, folks, jump on the bandwagon!

Wrong doctor sued, pays out of pocket due to Med-Mal policy deductible

Sue the wrong doctor and drag out the litigation process, all to the detriment of the defendant. The story notes that courts rarely find suits are frivolous because “there’s almost always some grounds for a suit to be filed.” (Update: Jan. 6).


  • I like the fact that the attorney is quoted as saying that since it was a simple mistake and that there was no “bad faith” that he should not have to pay the doctors legal fees. Perhaps we can make lack of “bad faith” a grounds of dismissal in all malpractice cases.

  • Cheaper pay the million than legal fee $$ over next few years and $till loose big $$ over distress claims. Plus being on your site next few years.
    Getting lots publicity against the slot machine company and casin0 !!