Sues over having twins

An Australian woman asked that her in vitro fertilization (IVF) result in a single baby but two embryos were mistakenly implanted. Now she wants $A400,000 for the cost of raising the child to adulthood. (“Mother sues doctor over twin birth”, ABC (Australian) News, Sept. 18)(via KevinMD). The local branch of the Australian Medical Association says the law should be changed to prevent damage claims over the birth of unimpaired babies: “We’re very concerned [at] the concept that a healthy life is wrongful.” (“Doctors should not be liable for mistake births: AMA”, Sept. 22). More on wrongful birth lawsuits here.


  • When we make conception into a commercial transaction these types of lawsuits are bound to occur. I guess from now on the clinic should provide a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the purchase you may return it in the original wrapping for a complete refund. Maybe that would satisfy this woman.

    You left out the fact that this was a lesbian couple so she had to make use of some method other than by way of her “spouse” to conceive a child. It this was a birth done the old fashion way would this women sue God if she conceived twins when she only wanted one child or would she simply have aborted them and tried again. The only “wrongful birth” I can see in this case was the mother of the child.

  • At least in this case the twins can fight over which one was unwanted, unlike the single-birth wrongful birth cases.