U.K.: Union defends eBay-addicted town workers

A Labour-run municipal authority in Wales has sacked nine workers after discovering that they were spending up to two hours of their workday on eBay, but “union officials said that the employer had ‘put temptation in their way’ by allowing computer access to external internet sites. They called on all large employers to install a firewall program to prevent staff from being distracted by sites such as eBay, BBC Online and those that provide gambling.” (Simon de Bruxelles, “Office staff lose their jobs after bosses catch them trading on eBay”, Times Online, Sept. 21)(via ABA Journal).


  • Spending so much as a minute of your work time looking at an outside website should be a firing offense.

    Oh, wait…

  • If they been caught reading fiction novels at work would the Union have blamed the Employer for not searching and confiscating all books as employees cam to work? Or for leaving the lights on so they could read? Or for not chaining them to their desks so they can’t stand around the water-cooler and gab?