Crocs footwear fad fades

And, as the night follows the day, there descend the class-action shareholder lawyers, led in this case by San Diego’s not-at-all-tainted Coughlin Stoia of Bill Lerach fame. (“Crocs facing possible suit despite earnings hike”, Northern Colorado Business Report, Nov. 9; Keith DuBay, “Lawyers pounce on Crocs”, ColoradoBiz Magazine/Denver Post, Nov. 15). “Imagine that! Sandals seasonal? Who knew?” (Al Lewis, “Idiots’ lawsuit is nothing but a Croc”, Denver Post, Nov. 16).


  • Imagine that! Sandals seasonal? Who knew?

    “Homer, you knucklebeak, I’ve told you a hundred times! You gotta sell your pumpkin futures before Halloween, before!”

  • Seasonality may well be a factor here but I’m going to go out on a limb here and posit that there’s a possibilty the demand for garish, neon-colored, ugly, plastic sandals could be a bit more finite than everybody thought. If that is your company’s sole (no pun intended) product your sales will run out of steam someday.

  • hmm, they sell them in non-intrusive colours like black and brown as well.
    I find them rather comfortable, far more so than most footwear due to my weird shoesize which most brands simply don’t come close to matching and light weight which isn’t matched by anything.

    More likely the drop in stockprice was caused mainly by the insistent rumours about class action lawsuits brought by lawyers claiming that kids can loose their feet when their Crocs get caught in escalators (how that’s possible I’ve no clue), or melt when it’s hot (never noticed that…).