Update: not a million little refunds

Updating David’s post of Oct. 2: “in the end, only about 1,700 people asked to be reimbursed” over James Frey’s pseudo-memoir, after Random House set aside $2.35 million in a settlement fund. Legal fees: $783,000, or more than $400 per dissatisfied reader. Attorneys Larry Drury and Evan Smith, defending the escapade, spoke of the litigation’s value in deterring publishers from printing inaccurate memoirs in future. (“‘Million Little Pieces’ refund claimed by only 1,700”, AP/CNN, Nov. 3; earlier coverage).

One Comment

  • You know what would be really handy? A law that takes people at their word, when it comes to monetary awards.

    If someone says “It wasn’t about the money, but the principle…” when they receive $50m or however much, there ought to be a legal means to say “Okay… we’re glad you got what you wanted out of it. The money will go to charity, then.”

    The same with class action lawyers. If it’s all about the principle, they won’t mind doing it properly pro bono, then…