Flatley: false accuser is paying me $11 million

Turning the tables on an accuser: “Dance star Michael Flatley has won an $11 million settlement in the United States from a woman who falsely accused him of sexual assault and attempted to extort money from him, he said in a statement.” (“Michael Flatley floors floozy for fortune”, Brisbane Times, Dec. 10). We covered the original $35 million suit against the “Riverdance” impresario, and his later countersuit, on Sept. 14, 2004, Jul. 30, 1006, and Aug. 22, 2006. Needless to say, very few wrongful accusers are likely to have this kind of money on hand to pay over in response to countersuits; but per syndicated columnist Stacy Jenel Smith, the woman who charged Flatley with assault, Tyna Marie Robertson, “had dated other wealthy and well-known men through the years – relationships that sometimes ended in litigation”. (“Dark Side of Fame: Becoming A Target for Sex Charges, Lawsuits”, undated). More, including information on Robertson’s lawyer, D. Dean Mauro, at ABA Journal. Update/clarification Dec. 15: notwithstanding the erroneous use of the term “settlement” in last week’s press reports, OnPoint News makes clear that what Flatley actually got was a default judgment, and that Robertson is unlikely to have means to pay.

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