“Mississippi’s Tort King”

I’ve got a piece in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal on the indictment of perhaps the nation’s most successful tort lawyer and four colleagues on charges of attempted judicial bribery. The tag line the Journal’s editors give the piece: “Dickie Scruggs’s mistake may have been to stiff another lawyer.” (Walter Olson, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 15)(sub-only). For new readers who’d like much more detail about the indictments and their aftermath, check out my regular updates at this site and also those of David Rossmiller at Insurance Coverage Blog. I’ve been covering Mr. Scruggs’s doings in tobacco, asbestos, product liability, reparations, HMO, and hospital litigation pretty steadily since this site got its start in 1999 (newer/older posts). (Bumped Monday a.m. for those who didn’t see it over the weekend).


  • The piece in the weekend Wall Street Journal, about Dickie Scruggs, is superb!

  • Are you sure you have his name right? Sounds just like a Houston lawyer. Must be an evil twin.