“Driver Who Killed Teen Sues for Damage”

Spain: “A speeding motorist who killed a teenage cyclist is suing the boy’s parents over damage to his luxury car, the government says.” (AP/WINS, Jan. 25).


  • Now that the parents received $49K for their son’s life from his insurance company, they could certainly afford his $29K car repair, where their son’s body dented it, and car rental costs.

  • Does Spain have a loser-pays rule?

  • It’s simple: if you cause the crash, you pay for the damages. I’m sure no one has the full story, but the fact that the teen died means little.

  • C’mon Greg, you have to admit that despite the law, that’s a prime example of heartless douchebaggery.

  • The article states that both parties shared fault. If you are partially to blame, it takes a lot of nerve and a total lack of decency to sue the parents of the deceased.