Edwards to be AG in Obama administration?

So suggests Robert Novak, which, if true, puts to question any claims Obama has for being a different kind of Democrat. One wonders how long the prosecutions of Mel Weiss, Dickie Scruggs, or the Kentucky fen-phen lawyers would last. Of course, one recalls, the Clinton administration wasn’t any better when it buried a prosecution of Fred Baron in the Baron & Budd script memo scandal. Baron, who was the head of the ATLA trial-lawyer lobbying organization, is now Edwards’s finance chair, though the media has yet to note this hypocrisy by the supposedly anti-lobbyist Edwards.


  • Attorney General Edwards? I can’t decide if that would be a joke or a tragedy.

  • I vote for tragedy/travesty.

  • Don’t vote for him, but get him anyway, in a position the he (without apparent morals) is perfectly suited to screw over the maximum number of people? It’s be a right horror-show, it would.

  • It does worry me that John Edwards does not consider the “at least a third or we won’t represent you” crowd to be lobbyists or special interests. The media have called him on this on at least a few occasions, and his reasoning is rather weak.

    You should know that the Clinton Administration — in an amazingly anti-consumer action surely inspired by trial lawyer lobbyists and leanings — opposed and defeated a legislative proposal that would have required lawyers in certain kinds of cases to inform clients of their right to negotiate the level of the contingency fee.

  • Given this move by Obama, I think we can safely change his “the audacity of hope” to “the audacity of dope.”

  • That would be so Democratic business as usual to install the Edwards fox in the hen house that I can’t imagine Barak “Change” Obama would do it.

    But then, as Fran Liebowitz once wrote: “No matter how cynical I get, I just can’t seem to keep up.”