Lost ski areas

There are more than 1,000 documented nationwide, including 113 in Vermont alone. The “1970s were hard times for operators of ski areas. There was an energy crisis, which not only cut down leisure driving by potential customers but saddled areas with higher energy prices. At the same time, liability insurance costs spiked. The histories of dozens of small ski areas end with the conclusion that it could not reopen one winter because the owners could not afford their insurance premiums.” (Bill Pennington, “Vermont’s Forgotten Trails and Frozen Lifts of Winters Past”, New York Times, Jan. 25).

One Comment

  • I would say that other factors were the cause of many of the closings. In Quebec, there are 4 listings. Three of them are away from the bulk of existing ski hills, and have much less traffic. One of them is in a town which would have made the land worth much more as homes (Ste.Agathe).