Maternity leave during high school

Jeremy Meyer has this article in the The Denver Post about a proposed plan to offer pregnant teenage mothers 4 weeks of maternity leave as official school policy. It surely is commendable when schools allow new mothers time to be with their newborns and adjust to parenthood; yet to make such accommodations official policy essentially means that it becomes a right — and all rights are ripe for litigation.


  • I hope they’re going to insist the mothers do the same classwork as their peers during those four weeks.

    Is that a Title IX violation, since teenager fathers won’t be given (and don’t deserve) four weeks with no homework? And what about the girls who don’t have sex, who are clearly being treated differently?

  • Maternity leave, by their own admission, is related to social factors, and is largely not medical. I’m certain that there are all sorts of worthy social reasons to grant all sorts of leaves to student, risk and cost free to them with the district picking up the tab for the costs related to their home studies. But is it really necessary for the taxpayers to bear the expense? Let those who have electively made lifestyle choices bear the costs. Time off for a death in the family seems far more humane because unlike a birth, death is often unexpected and also cannot be predicted to the month like most deliveries can.

  • Mr. Erickson, are you missing a pretty important point here? These are children having children! They are not “mothers” unless they are married!

    To give special consideration to a high-school CHILD that has been doing something that causes such suffering is unconscionable and panders to today’s touchy-feely crowd. Ever hear of “tough love”? Better yet, ever hear of “abstinence”? Both work quite well, thank you.

    “Back when I was a lad” the girl went home, had the baby, gave it up for adoption (STILL a smart move today), then either went back to school or got her GED – at least, the smart ones did. I don’t have to look far to see the results of today’s “caring” policies that throw good sense and time-tested remedies to the wind in favor of “progressive” policies…


  • “They are not ‘mothers’ unless they are married! … ever hear of ‘abstinence’? Both work quite well”

    Only in your right-wing dreams they are/do.

  • So, IGOR, if they are not mothers, what are they?