Walter Dellinger as Hillary’s AG?

That’s the most favorable thing I’ve heard about Hillary Clinton in quite a while; naturally, it’s provoking heartburn in some quarters where Dellinger is viewed as neither leftist enough nor pro-litigation enough. (Stephanie Mencimer, Mother Jones blog, Jan. 28).


  • I question Ms. Mencimer’s analysis. She suggests Edwards wouldn’t be appointed AG because he “has never been a prosecutor.” As opposed to, say, Alberto Gonzales, or Zoe Baird, or Ed Levi — or Walter Dellinger.

  • I think dellinger is neither leftist or nor pro-litigation enough.

    Robert – Seattle Divorce Attorney

  • There isn’t much favorable things to say about Hillary from what I have read and heard. I think Edwards would be a good AG. I’m just sorry he dropped out of the race.