$1,500 per mesothelioma lead

According to a website maintained by MediaBids, an online advertising broker, the Boston law firm of James Sokolove as of recently was offering $1,500 for every mesothelioma “lead” that publishers could bring in through print ads. The offer was apparently good whether or not the patient elected to sign up with Sokolove’s firm, and whether or not the patient had worked in an asbestos-related trade, so long as the diagnosis was a genuine one. Mesothelioma is a fatal cancer accepted by the legal system as a “signature” of asbestos exposure. (Ann Knef, “Sokolove’s ‘creative’ advertising skirts ethics rules, says professor”, Madison County Record, Feb. 14). The relevant page on MediaBids was visible within the past few days, but appears to have been taken down now. For more on how avidly lawyers seek to reach this category of patients, see Sept. 5 and Oct. 13, 2007, etc. More on Sokolove here and here.

P.S. MediaBids page GoogleCached here.


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