A New Suspect Class?

Is Southwest Airline discriminating against the Pretty Girls again?

“I think they were just discriminating against because we were young decent-looking girls. I mean, nobody else on the plane looked like us except us,” she said. “[The flight attendants] were like older ladies. We were younger. Who knows, they could have been just jealous of us because we were younger.”

You can’t make this stuff up.
(Tampabays.com, Feb. 27)

H/T Wizbang (with video)


  • “…nobody else on the plane looked like us except us…”

    Duh. Pretty blondes for sure.


  • To be fair, that first girl Southwest had a problem with wasn’t that pretty.

  • Er, Steve, you overlooked this:
    “I mean, nobody else on the plane looked like us except us.”

    The rest is just surplusage.

  • And Stevie, check the pictures, they arent that pretty.

    My question, how did the guy in the bathroom know who they were to yell at them from knocking, its not like those things have peepholes or windows. So either they made such a scene prior to him getting in there that he knew who they were so they are just making it up.

    Im going with making it up.

  • They must got to a school with real hags to have such an attitude about their looks.

  • Ok, first, they are idiots. Second, they aren’t all that pretty. I mean, they are attractive, but I see prettier women every day at my university.