Overheard at (of all places) a Texas chatboard:

Assuming you are a litigator, tort reform has crippled plaintiff’s practice. Hanging out your own shingle is more difficult than ever before. Unless you have an established reputation, you’ll find very little business “coming in the door.” You’ll need to market yourself extensively. If you can survive and thrive, all the power to you.
(Infirmation.com )

Sounds like progress to me.


  • That’s progress, huh?

    These little moments of candor are always refreshing.

  • I don’t think it’s a good thing that all the little guys are being forced out of the business. It’s the super-lawyers with the huge portfolios that Overlawyered always complains about; the smaller practitioners aren’t the problem.

  • “Being forced out of business?”

    What if there are just too many lawyers, or what if (omigosh) not enough people are wrecking their cars or slipping and falling?