Whistle While You Work

The “National Whistleblower Center” wants folks to send a message to their congresspeople protesting the lack of whistleblower provision in the new Consumer Product Safety Commission reform bill (S.2045):

“The CPSC reform bill needs to provide vital protections for honest employees who report safety violations–such as toxins in toothpaste and poisonous lead in our children’s toys. Without these protections, whistleblowers may not come forward to report dangers of products until it is too late.”
(Whistleblower Blog)

What will those damn Democrats do next!?

Clarification: In my haste to produce some content before I got too busy this morning, it seems that I failed to project my usual degree of irony and sarcasm on this particular post — and in all candor, I did not check archives to see what OL had published before. The Whistleblower Center action alert that the Whistleblower Blog links to reports that “The House version of the CPSC reform bill does not include whistleblower protections,” and exhorts supporters to “Take Action Today! It is crucial that you contact your representative and let him/her know that you expect them to support American workers and families – NOT the interests of big business.”

Now that I have had time to check Thomas, it appears that there is no House version of the bill after all, and therefore the “action alert” is (characteristically?) deceptive.

Correction: (I’ll get this one right if it kills me) — Ted corrects me that a House version did in fact pass the House in December.

One Comment

  • Peter, this post, parroting a plaintiffs’ lawyers’ blog, makes no sense. S. 2045 is fatally flawed because it has wildly overprotective “whistleblower” protection, as Overlawyered discussed Feb. 20. Why on earth do you think the bill should be made even worse? As Overlawyered discussed in August, previous whistleblower bills generated far more litigation than whistleblowing.