Another giant L.A. crash-faking ring

Los Angeles police arrested 20 suspects, with warrants for another 20 still outstanding, in what the department said was another massive auto accident claim fraud ring, headed they say by Curtis H. Connor with involvement from many members of his family. After faking accidents, investigators say, the Connors would “use lawyers in on the scam to submit claims and demand payments for both injuries and damage to the car.” A chiropractic office and auto body repair shop were also part of the family enterprise. (Joel Rubin and Ken Bensinger, “Family members held in major insurance scam”, L.A. Times, Mar. 7). Earlier coverage here, here, here, etc.


  • The penalty for this, since the coercive power of the government is brought to bear, should be serious, extremely serious, including LWOP.

  • I have a friend in LA who fell victim to one of these scams. He was induced to rear-end someone on the freeway. He was devastated that he’d injured anyone, until the state trooper opened the trunk of the car and found it was full of — get this — pillows. Apparently these geniuses think that filling the trunk with pillows guards against injury! The trooper informed my friend of what had just happened, that it was a scam, and my friend felt much better.