Florida high court sanctions Jack Thompson

It “won’t accept any more filings” from the embattled anti-videogame attorney “without the signature of another Florida Bar member.” (DBR). Relatedly, Above the Law is retiring Thompson to a Hall of Fame in which he will be ineligible for further naming as ATL’s Lawyer of the Day, because it just isn’t fair to other lawyers who do outlandish things to let Thompson win so often.

One Comment

  • You really have to wonder how he sees himself when he’s home alone in the evening and he has the opportunity to be honest with himself. Can he really not see how much of a parody of a real lawyer he’s become? Or do people just get so entrenched in their causes that an “end justfies the means” mentality comes over them and they just disregard the ridiculous and offensive nature of their actions? I guess I’ll never know, but I’m curious what he would say if he wasn’t allowed to speak through his lawyer training and actually spoke and reacted like a real person.