“The Weirdest Legal Pleading Ever”

You guessed it: it’s the Jack Thompson Florida folly discussed here a couple of weeks ago (Bonnie Goldstein, Slate, Mar. 7). Bonus: the court includes a reference to the precedents set by Montgomery Blair Sibley in his struggles with the Florida bar (earlier). P.S. More from Dennis McCauley at GamePolitics who exchanges emails with Thompson regarding his use of a photo of burned-out Hiroshima to presage what may “figuratively” happen to the Florida bar if he gets sanctioned.


  • Is some link missing from this item?

  • Not that I know of. To find the item on which is based, follow the “Mar. 7” link to Slate.

  • seriously why hasnt he been disbarred yet?

  • He should be disbarred. The man with no eyes didn’t say “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” in Cool Hand Luke. The warden said that. Such mistakes are good cause for disbarment.

  • After reading some more of his stuff, and his Wikipedia entry, I think he really is mentally ill. There’s no conceivable motivation for his behavior, and his frenzied tone really seems like it suggests some sort of psychosis… I feel bad for the guy. But what the heck is my state doing letting a crazy person practice law?