17 doctors sued, all but one dismissed before trial

One of the 16 other physicians hit in the “shotgun” pleading reports that the process was neither easy nor painless nor without its lingering costs to the present day. (Mitchell S. Cappell, “A baseless malpractice suit still cost me”, Medical Economics, Feb. 1)(via KevinMD).

One Comment

  • Shotgun suits are an exceedingly unethical practice. Those who engage in obvious false accusations, such as in this case, must be disbarred as a result of any meaningful tort reform.

    The motivation for shotgun suits is indirectly alluded to in this article, in the section where the innocent physician refuses to give free expert opinion sought for in his depostion.

    In any civilized nation with an honest legal system, there would be a Loser Pays for all costs of the litigation.

    Loser Pays would bring an instant end to this obvious corruption.