“Ansonia Smoking Lawsuit Is Settled”

A company’s donation of air purifiers helped end the legal squabble between the Manhattan neighbors (Feb. 9); smoker Galila Huff has also agreed to use a smokeless ashtray, say Jonathan and Jenny Selbin, the husband-and-wife litigators. Jonathan Selbin, of Lieff Cabraser, evidently feels much put upon by press accounts linking his name with the epithet “bully”; one of Selbin’s earlier letters to Huff observed, “As you may not be aware, we are both lawyers and both litigators, for whom the usual barriers to litigation are minimal.” (Anemona Hartocollis, New York Times, Apr. 7; Greenfield, Apr. 6; WSJ letter to the editor, Apr. 8).

One Comment

  • One wonders (well, some guy in Indianapolis wonders) if the media attention and subsequent perception enjoyed by the firm (and one of its partners) had a hand in this “solution.”

    Why couldn’t it be this guy who got nabbed vandalizing a Marine’s car?