Pending the abolition of gravity…

…or the universal adoption of round-the-clock patient guards or restraint devices, it’s hard to go along with the notion that hospital falls should be so-called “never events”. (Happy Hospitalist, Jan. 15, Feb. 20). Nor is the concept much more useful when it comes to patient suicide attempts or hypoglycemia, among other misadventures (White Coat Rants, Feb. 5)(via KevinMD). Related: letters section, 2004 (pressure wounds/bedsores).

One Comment

  • The lawsuit has all the features of a product. It is inherently harmful in its ordinary use. I suggest strict liability apply to all weak cases.

    Appellate decision are based on judge errors in the law, not on errors of facts. All reversed decisions are “never events.” The judge should not get paid for any reversed decision.