Stripper: getting tipsy was part of my job

Whatever happened to the old ginger-ale “champagne” ruse? “A woman contends that her job as a stripper caused her to have a one-car wreck on her way home from work last year, according to a lawsuit filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court. Patsy Hamaker’s suit says part of her job as a dancer at The Furnace club in Birmingham involved encouraging customers to buy her alcoholic drinks.” (Eric Velasco, “Stripper’s suit in Jefferson County court says her job led to wreck, injuries”, Birmingham News, May 27).


  • How do lawsuits like these ever get filed? Did her employer also make her drive home drunk? If not, isn’t she responsible for her own actions? Has she never heard of something called a taxi or of asking someone to drive her home? Also was she cited for drunk driving since she is admitting to the fact that she was intoxicated when she drove home?

  • […] Court declines to dismiss stripper’s suit blaming her DUI crash on club that made her drink with customers [Heller/OnPoint News, earlier] […]