Intentional infliction of emotional distress

Seems it’s not considered tortious when it’s done for a good cause by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the local constabulary to a captive audience of public school students. (Balko, Reason “Hit and Run”; Pat Sherman, “El Camino teens face heavy emotions brought about by drunken-driving dramatization”, San Diego Union-Tribune, May 30). P.S. Scott Greenfield apparently has been thinking along similar lines.


  • i cannot believe they would stoop to this low a level.
    im honestly speechless

  • Really? I have no trouble believing any of it. They’re reaching the limits of how far they can pass their totalitarian agenda on the rest of society through logic and common sense, so now it’s time for manipulation of finer feelings.

  • “The 36 students who participated later attended a retreat at the Carlsbad Inn, where they tried on “beer goggles” that mimicked the sensation of having a .25-blood alcohol level.”

    Did this result in any unplanned pregnancies?