“Build a Wiffle Ball Field and Lawyers Will Come”

This particular dispute, over noisy kids’ recreation in an otherwise quiet neighborhood of famously expensive Greenwich, Connecticut, might have led to legal ramifications in almost any day and age. Opponents of the wiffle ball, though, get a lot of mileage from everyone’s awareness of the case a few years ago in which the town was ordered to pay $6.3 million to a doctor who broke his leg while sledding on town land with his 4-year-old son. (Peter Applebome, New York Times, Jul. 10; Patrick Healy, “Town’s Downhill Pastime May Face an Uphill Fight”, New York Times, Apr. 26, 2004). More: Giacalone.

One Comment

  • It’s terrible that everything in life now a days has to be taken from a legal aspect above all else. My friends and i have a field that isnt as complex as this one but why are the neighbors complaining about the noise? Wiffleball isn’t any louder then playing a game of football or soccer. Does every kid that plays football with their friends in their back yard need a permit?