“Family wants $1.5M for unauthorized use of their images”

The Humphreys – Bagent – Aguilar family of Charles Town, W.Va. and Fort Wayne, Ind. says professional photographer Sheri Grippo-Titus, who formerly practiced in Charles Town, used at least 74 photos of the family on her web site without obtaining a requisite model release, so they’d appreciate getting a million and a half. Possibly relevant: one member of the family formerly worked for Grippo-Titus but parted on unhappy, still-disputed terms. (Cara Bailey, West Virginia Record, Jul. 18). More on photo permissions here, here, and at other points in our art and artists category.


  • This is the perfect example of an abusive suit. This family appears to have a valid complaint, but a completely ridiculous expectation if they think they suffered 1.5 million in damages.

  • The photographer also also did emotional and torturous damage to the plantiffs for a year and a half. She deserves everything she gets!