Overlawyered’s ninth anniversary

Without our loyal audience we wouldn’t have made it through nine years — and wide acclaim as the oldest legal blog, as well as one of the most popular. In yesterday’s thread, reader Greg Dwyer says he has “read every single post on this site” (I’m impressed) while reader M.T. Glass discovered this blog (a word that didn’t exist then, if memory serves) when it was less than two months old.

Partly in consequence of our popular WordPress redesign we’ve also been setting new traffic records, regularly surpassing 9,000 and often hitting 10,000 unique daily visitors. Thanks for your support! (& welcome Above the Law, National Arbitration Forum, Law Crossing, Point of Law readers).


  • Happy birthday and congratulations, gentlemen. This is quite an accomplishment.

  • Happy 9th Year Overlawyered!

  • I note the theme grew on you. đŸ™‚

    Oh, ready for the upgrade to 2.6?

  • I think I’ve been reading since December 99/January 2000. I was a young Marine attached to Operation Swift Hammer and my “off” hours in the comm center consisted of Overlawyered and Starcraft, with a little HotOrNot mixed in.

  • Happy Blog Birthday.

    Don’t burn yourselves on the candles (or read the product disclaimers first)!

  • I can honestly say Overlawyered changed my life. Coincidentally (or not), it’s also the fifth anniversary of my first Overlawyered post and the third anniversary of my first day at AEI.

  • Paul,

    Uh, wasn’t Operation Swift Hammer a Trekwars episode, that is, fictional?

  • Sadly, I had to google trekwars to find out what you were talking about. But to answer your question: no. I was supporting II MEF’s part of it; details are available on Google.

  • They were called “Web Logs” back then; at least that’s the name of the bookmark folder I started for them in December 1999. Memory does not serve, but the circumstantial evidence (had to get something lawyerly in here) suggests I found this site from JunkScience.com, which I had first bookmarked ten days before this site and which was linking here often, right from the start. Thanks for the years of outrage and advocacy, common sense and commentary.

  • Congrats. Nine years is a lifetime or two in the blogosphere.

  • Belated congratulations to Walter and trusty sidekick Ted. It seems I was a relative latecomer to Overlawyered, but pointed to this website in the first week of the existence of “ethicalEsq,” in a post called “Is a Legal Fee ever too big?” See

    Back when I was writing daily about lawyer ethics and regularly surfing the blawgisphere, this site was my constant destination and inspiration, as well as a great source of referrals. It continues to be the first place I look when I’m at a loss for a good story of legal perfidy or greed. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for your support over the years.