Service animals, cont’d: “Ferret barred from Ottawa buses”

Continuing our theme, Frances Woodard has now lodged a complaint against the public transit authority in Canada’s capital city for barring the diminutive, weasel-like predator whose companionship, according to her psychiatrist, helps her stave off panic attacks. “A letter from OC Transpo customer relations sent in May said the decision was a result of fears about allergic reactions and phobias from other passengers and reactions from other animals, such as guide dogs.” (CBC News, Jul. 23). Monday’s post on the “service monkey” lawsuit from Springfield, Mo. is here.


  • “…barring the diminutive, weasel-like predator…”

    Well, I think her attorney should be allowed to accompany her on public transit. But, that’s just me. Oh, wait…

  • Thank you, Jason, for my laugh for the day!